Homestead Suites Extended Stay Hotels

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Homestead Studio Suites Extended Stay Hotels

Homestead Suites extended stay hotels offer more than just a room. They have a comprehensive setup which allows business people to be fully operational and productive, and visitors to kick back and relax. HVM LLC., manages extended stay brands that comprise roughly 700 hotels in the U.S. and Canada. The brands include Homestead Studio Suites Hotels, Homestead Extended Stay America, Extended Stay Deluxe, StudioPLUS Deluxe Studios and Crossland Economy Studios.

One of the biggest advantages offered by Homestead Extended Stay Suites is their best rate guarantee. The guarantee offers hotel guests the lowest possible rate and offers to cover the same room rate with a ten percent discount on the nightly room rate, if guests can find anything lower on other travel websites.

There are various reasons why people need to stay for long periods of time away from home. The most common being vacations or business. However, other reasons like relocation also require a place away from home. Homestead Suites extended stay hotels seek to fill the need for comfortable, well equipped suites that will allow single people and families to live in comfort for a longer than usual period of time.

The difference between a regular hotel and a Homestead Studio Suite extended stay hotel is that it is designed to provide people with accommodation for weeks or even months. Hotels charge by the night and all meals have to be paid for, sometimes the use of the gym or other facilities like internet maybe charged. In an extended stay place, the suite contains a fully equipped kitchenette that allows the guest to prepare their own meals. Cable television and wireless internet facilities are provided as part of the package and rooms are charged by the week, making it the most cost effective accommodation solution.

Homestead Studio Suites combine the attractions, comfort and amenities of a regular hotel and an apartment.  Homestead Studio Suites provide lodging facilities for guests, designed to allow them to live in comfortable surroundings, a kind of home away from home. Guests can cook, eat, sleep, do their ironing, use the internet or watch cable television, all in their own suite. The space provided is typically larger than that of a regular hotel room and added to the self-catering and laundry facilities, fitness center and swimming pool; Homestead Suites extended stay hotels provide the perfect solution to long term accommodation when away from home.

Cost Savings At Homestead Extended Stay Brands

Contrary to what some people may believe, extended stay hotels are not as expensive as one imagines them to be. The cost saving is enormous when compared to staying the same length of time in a regular hotel. When you add up the nightly room rate, surcharge, taxes, meals and laundry, it can cost a fortune for a weeks stay in a hotel. Extended stay hotel options on the other hand, actually help to save money on room rates, food and laundry. Couples needing their privacy and space, business travelers who need to work in their rooms, families on vacation, someone relocating, visiting family and friends, the list is endless – all kinds of people can benefit from using Homestead extended stay hotels in various parts of the country.

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